plant hunter

identity, UX/UI



Truong Thanh Hung
Nguyen Duong Bao Chau
Le Nhat Quang
Tran Truong Truc Linh


Plant Hunter is a mobile educational game with the purpose to encourage kids and young teenagers to go out and explore the nature and to learn new things about the plants. The main point of the game is to create real life experience, the kids will have chances to touch, to observe the nature while they can still keep all the knowledge in their pocket. The app can also be used by the scouts, teachers and parents to be the guider for the kids.

Each map will give the player several quests about some kinds of plants which are just around the area. The job is completing the quests by taking photos of that plants and saving it in the book of knowledge. The app is designed for juveniles (8 - 15 years old) so it will track your locations before giving you the quests, so the user can find the way to the quests easily without any transportation.